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Why the focus on health?

When clients are introduced to me their first impression is that I tend to be more focused on total body health verses exercise. Well, one of my central goals as your trainer/coach is to expose the negative effects of microdestruction to both your body and your psyche, show you how to remove them from your path, and allow your body to catapult toward its maximum potential.

Your body is a rebuilding machine

There is often a large misconception around "change". How to make it happen, and if it can in the first place. 

What am I getting at? If it's one thing that we should learn from science it is that we don't know everything and keeping an open mind is of paramount importance.

Let's take body cell generation & regeneration for example. It was once thought that your heart does not have the ability to reproduce cells. Well, that's not the case. Although it does this slowly, it was recently discovered that our heart does have the ability to do replace cells, and does so on a regular basis. It does however take much longer for the heart to totally renew all cells (on the order of 20 years) verses say your bones (about 10 years), your skin (2 to 4 weeks), your lungs (2 to 3 weeks) or your intestines (2 to 3 days!).

The good news is that you can take advantage of all this and use it to your benefit!


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