About My Journey

Hi! I'm Frank (or to my friends: Frankie);

As a young adult, I had an unquenchable desire for fitness and medicine as it related to body sculpting and wellness. I thought the path to exploring my passion was medical engineering, to which I began my medical studies as a BioMedical Engineer. The result, I am a BioMedical Engineer from Northeastern University in Boston MA. While having all the intentions of proceeding on to medical school, I had a very enlightening experience change my direction. This change resulted in me focusing my future studies on the fields of personal fitness and natural healing coupled with the mystery of (some even call it magical) real food. The dilemma and danger here, as you I will quickly teach you, is that few know what real food and furthermore how conscious behavior changes everything about your physical and mental body.

Why I didn't return to my studies of Western Medicine: Shortly after completing my undergraduate work in BioMedical Engineering, I became ill. It started out (or so I thought) as simply feeling tired, run down, and lack of concentration, but after a few months, the symptoms compounded to body aches and pains together with flue like outbreaks. At first I was consistently missing workouts, then I was missing work, and then missing life! My personal drive and motivations (which were usually quite intense) were fading. As with most, I was relying heavily on our Western Medical culture to pinpoint the problem and prescribe a solution. After literally years, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, of medical services, they could tell me nothing more than we knew at Day One. I was ill, and getting more ill, and no one knew why.

During this process, I became quite interested and involved in the treatment and medications being prescribed. I began to question and research why some medications made me feel poorly. I also questioned why some medications had positive effects for some individuals and negative effects for others. I became curious about treatments offered to patients of prior years and asked myself why these seemingly functional medications were no longer being used. I was also highly curious as to how Western Medicine while knowing little about my present life (and virtually nothing about my past) could make an accurate diagnosis of the issue. All this led me to better understand the business model of our pharmaceutical industry, which was my pinnacle point of change. Pharmaceutical companies are public companies, this means that year over year for their stock to increase in value they have to sell more product. Well, if you think about this model it conflicts with the idea of healing someone. That said, it is easy to see they are driven by selling more drugs and so treating the root cause goes against their profitability. Now I was convinced that for me to get back to my old self that I needed to get personally involved and use Western Medicine as tool and not look toward them definitive answers - after all, this is why MD's call their business a "practice".

Well, I can only explain this turning point as a refreshing revolution and the more research I did the more I was convinced that there were numerous wellness options ahead of me - options that I had control over. I also realized that I was about to embark on a path less traveled which also meant more involvement, more research, in general more work but the history was proving it would all be well worth it!

The first question: How did I end up putting so much reliance on a system that has no interest in "teaching" wellness? The answer is simpler than you think. A very well planned strategy; those in it for the money have spent years playing on the fears of our parents and grandparents. It is this fear that discourages us from believing "we are in total control!" From wellness to weight loss to building an amazing body, they want us to believe that predisposition to illness is the root of all issues and that personal choices or control plays only a small role in the outcome. They have strategically reprogrammed society and hidden the secrets of self-control over one's health.

The next question: How would I unravel years of being programmed with mis-information? To address this issue, I turned to studying older, healthier, and often highly fit, cultures. American Indian, Old School Mediterranean, Asian and Hindu cultures become my focus of interest. I quickly learned that all of these elder cultures were void of the level of illnesses and diseases that we, as Americans, believe are common. As I studied more about these cultures, I was amazed to learn of their extensive personal abilities to enter a place where they had control over functionality that most of us consider uncontrollable or subconscious.

How can I learn to get to "that" place and who would be my teacher? At first I thought it would take years for me to learn how take control of my body in the same fashion as these elder cultures and that was IF I could find someone to teach me. Well, what I learned was that with an open mind and the right teachers it was uncannily easy. The truth is, we are already equipped. It just takes some instruction to clear away the cobwebs. What I quickly realized what that a lot of instructors will get you halfway there, possibly even help you with a few accomplishments, but never get you the reprogram state which greatly reduces the perceived effort. 

What? A common thread? This was an enlightening breakthrough. At first I thought I would need to choose between which culture I believed in most or which would offer the better results. However, what I found was that all of these cultures, although seemingly very different from the outside, adhere to a common ideology. The mind, the body, the soul, nature, and the energy around us are all deeply interconnected. While most would agree with this, what most lack in knowledge is how these elder cultures step into their soul and from where the energy for the soul comes. Food is a major source of "life energy" - it can give life or take it away! And all of these cultures understand this and are able harness the power of foods to directly impact their body, their mind, and get this - the world around them! As I researched I found that the most successful individuals in their space: business, sports, body building, actors, models, you name it were doing just this whether they knew it or not!

What is universal energy? Let's take the American Indian as our example. There was a common belief that "man" could not own the land. They simply shared it with the rest of this earth's occupants. The killing of animals and cutting of trees was only done out of absolute need to sustain life. Why did they act in this fashion? Their common belief was that positive energy given off (in this case, respect for the land and animal kingdom), would result in reciprocity of the same. As you can imagine, it allowed them to live their lives void of question and negative baggage (ANTs), of which often gets in the way of our lives and thought process and even sometimes results in the manifestation of negative physical results (be it over-eating, loss of motivation, illness or ailments.) Does this mean you must resort to the basic lifestyle as lived by the American Indian? No, that would mean you don't support change and even the American Indian supported change. What it does mean is that you must learn to tap into the inner self within you and be self-guided. Whether you are at the gym, on the track, in a meeting, or being intimate with the one you love finding an embracing this place of trust and respect within your soul will deliver the most amazing results ever thought possible. Both your physical and mental bodies already know how to connect with the energy around us, you just need to tap in and follow the direction.

How do I tap into this universal energy? And how will it change my physical body? This is actually easier than you may imagine. In fact, a child does this intuitively and regularly, and do you know why? Because children are not burdened with the baggage of FUD - fear, uncertainty or doubt. This is called "being Neutral", living in the moment, or yes "being Conscious". Once you learn the trick of perfecting your conscious connections, the world (actually much much more) becomes an open pipeline to knowledge and results that will astonish you. As a side notion, most of our society works hard at squelching this incredible ability from our younger children, starting when children attempt to describe the unexplainable. Our efforts to force them to conformity suppresses their internal aptitude to connect with unimaginable thoughts and ideas at an early age, therefore only a few ever make it to adult hood knowing they have this capacity, and those that do are usually criticized for their ways (which, by the way, has no effect on them - the very reason they've been able to retain the gift.)

But what about all of the peer pressure from friends and relatives as I make these changes? This is a very important question and once addressed you "will" elevate yourself to a new level that you never thought possible! Your peers play an important role in your life, but at all cost they should not rule it. Finding Consciousness, as I describe above, will allow you to separate your peers with an open mind. There will be groups you listen and learn from, and groups you listen to and then disagree with. This is fine, and in fact is actually very good. The secret here is to surround yourself with a peer group that supports an open minded approach to new information. Remember - Those who say it can't be done are usually getting in the way of those doing it!

Once I learned the secrets I could no longer relax knowing that so many people would benefit from this information as will the world around them. So, I crafted a plan toward my engineering exit and created the Conscious Perfection program, a uniquely designed process that guides individuals toward better fitness, better health, a clearer mind, a sexier self, and the keys to their kingdom - lifelong Conscious Perfection. 

Coming soon; understanding the challenges of peer pressure and how they can create endless delays and misdirection I am in the process of defining New You Connections to support my clients through their journey of Conscious Perfection by connecting them with others that have already made the journey.

There is only one thing standing between you and the body and mind you wish to have!