The Catch - There's always a catch!

Well, there is no catch! While most of my clients see this as a health epiphany it is actually a work in progress - for everyone! And once you "get it" you'll never be the same. Many of my clients experience feedback similar to mine when they visit their physician;

  • Is this birthday correct? (I was born in 1960 – you do the math)
  • I’ve never seen cholesterol numbers this good? Do you ever eat fatty foods or eat desserts? (that would be a yes on both counts ;-)
  • You must have a good genetic makeup. (Oh yah? Where was the “good genes” edge when I got sick for nearly 8 years starting in my mid 20’s, and all while following your advice? I don’t actually say this, they simply wouldn’t understand. :-)

Here’s the thing - There is nothing "special" to buy from me. For the record, I hate when those who claim to be “in the know” suggest you need to purchase their miracle xyz health formula! That just kills me. There are some basic supplements I take, but I'll show you how I select them and that will empower you to get them whereever you see fit. For the most part, the rest all comes from understanding how your body wants to function, eating the right foods, at the right time, and then putting your body in the right state. It truly is a collaboration of many of the "ultimate" healing modalities you've heard others speak of - Energy healing, yoga, strength training, supplementation, meditation, diet, cellular memory correction, massage therapy, and many more. While each of these on their own have merit, no one of them alone can offer you the success you truly dream of. What you need to reach your dream state (body or mind) is the understanding of the essentials of each and how they play together to give "you" the ability to posses the ultimate mind and body. Additionally, with me, there is no need for any long term commitments. This is how it works, I share knowledge with you and you go away with all the power you need to maintain optimum health. I charge for this because if you’re not serious enough about this process then you are wasting my time and your time.

Here's to great health!