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Dear Frankie,

I can not thank you enough. Since working with you my relationship with my daughter has changed so dramatically I'm not sure I can express it in words. For both of us I can say that our attitudes, motivations, and determinations have  gone from what I used to describe as frustrating and combative to now confident and encouraging. It is so rewarding now seeing every day as a new opportunity. And, since you so often reminded us that you teach “whole self” I should also note how our physical has also changed for the better - My daughter has to date lost 30 lbs, I have lost 47, our family doctor is quite impressed, and we are both far more energetic. My daughter's complexion has cleared considerably as well as her monthly mood swings and headaches being a thing of the past. You are the best – Thank you! Brenda and Lisa

April 10

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You have clearly helped our son get past what was turning out to be a very difficult time in his life. My son was heading into a very bad place physically. Being a highly driven athlete life was getting increasingly more frustrating for him as his body seemed to be blocked to advancing. Instead of getting stronger and faster he seemed to have had plateaued, while also taking on a regular frequency of stomachaches and headaches. His doctor was puzzled, his current coach was puzzled, and past coaches, who knew his abilities, we the most puzzled. Now, after working with you only a short time his energy is way up and it's evident in his attitude that he is again happy with his ability to perform better in every event. As a side note, we have also noticed a change in his ability to focus on his school work which has already been reflected by better grades. You should be on the Patriots staff!

Your coaching has changed my son's life - Thank you! Ron

Oct 07 

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I gotta let you know that on top of all you've taught me about diet and exercise (which often contradicted my beliefs and my trainers advice) what you said about the cod liver oil and other diet adjustments making me more hungry (and yes, I am giving in to the hankering for more eats,) yet still continuing not to gain weight (unbelievable, but true,) has really blown me away. I've finally reached my goal and so I’m not losing anymore, I don’t want to, but I’m truly shocked as my food intake feels higher than ever. As long as I can get into my size 4/6, more food (and oil) consumption is just fine by me! But also, as you pointed out in the beginning, my skin and hair are the best they've ever been! I must say, with what you've taught me about food (how you eat: fish, vegi's, sugars, smoothie) I've never enjoyed eating this much, EVER! I still can’t get Don to take the oil, at least not yet, but I’m thinking as he see's my progress he'll at some point give in.

Gotta thank you again for the guidance - Mary -

June 07 

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I am so sorry that I didn't write or call earlier...

We are SOOOOO-O-O impressed!! It worked great! In just 5 minutes she was 100% better
Woo-hooo! Three cheers!!! I AM A BELIEVER!!!!

Even our friend, an RN said: "Garlic Oil is an 'old wives tale'... but I have to admit that it really works!" ~Lory

Feb 05 

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Frank's approach to thinking about health, human evolution, capitalist incentives and the proper perspective of modern medicine (when and how to use it), has personally helped my family and me. Most recently, on Sunday night... ~Phil

Nov 04 

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I just came home from my visit with my new Cardiologist. My old one retired. He said the most amazing thing! I explained to him the ideas you've promoted to me for years regarding natural fats, sugars (natural verses artificial), the act of learning to eat "whole" and not to worry about the fat within, and the way of preparing food to keep fat healthy. His reply was; "Listen closely to your friend. He will add many years to your life."

Thanks again - Still feeling great! ~Paul

Feb 02 

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After just one month on the oils, post my dad's heart surgery, my dad's diabetic incidents, the fainting and shock spells, are completely gone. The doctor says now that maybe he wasn't diabetic after all and has taken him off the diabetic meds? Somebody seems to be guessing maybe?

All I can say is that he looks great, and he says he's not felt this good in many many years.

Thanks again. Nic

Jul 00 

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Cozzi :-)

What an amazing difference we see in our son. He is both calmer and more focused. We actually have conversation for more than 10 seconds. He's still very energetic but he seems to be able to sit and listen and focus when need be. This has me totally blown away. Even the teachers in school notice the difference.

My group thanks you for all the baking tips, as we do love our deserts. And thank you also for letting my group meet your sons. They are all wonderful boys.

Thanks Cozzi (Frankie) for all the advice.

Jan 98

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I just came back from a retreat for Breastfeeding moms. It seems that all you've taught me about diet, specifically about fats, natural verses unnatural, and our responsibility toward "food attention" as we feed to build our baby's body and brain is right on the money. I know that I feel better, way less stressed and no anxieties, and that my daughter has never been so easy to please. Sitting in the group feeling great, I found much comfort in hearing the team leader support my new life habits. Oh, and I'm still losing weight even as I eat like Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer.

Thank you again from both of us - Shelley and April

Sept 96

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