From fitness to wellness to clarity and motivation the simplicity of how I train/coach will change forever your relationship with fitness, and your relationship with food, and how you define wellness and being fit. I am a teacher. It is what I live for. You will find no one more dedicated to your success. You will not only reach your goals, dreams, and vision, but you will be left with the knowledge of how it all happened making maintenance a non-issue and Conscious Perfection a daily habit. 

Your perfect body does not start in the gym. Don't get me wrong, the right workout program will play a key role toward sculpting the body you've always dreamt for, but not without a support system in place. And preceding the implementation of the support system you must stop what I call "daily micro-destruction". What is this? It is the plethora of actions you invoke every day, many which you've been guided toward via "professionals", which once you stop will turn your body into a healing and building/rebuilding machine! 

For yourself, for your family, or for your friends - learn to experience the "cutting edge" feeling of unbounded fitness and wellness by way of being consciously aware of ever action you take. 

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