The Healthy Handyman Solution

Looking for a way to get a task done, save money, reduce your cost of living AND enhance your health via a healthier home or office?

We've heard it all before; Eliminate toxins from your:

  • environment
  • home decor & construction materials
  • home cleaning products.
  • personal hygiene products.
  • skincare products. 
  • packaged food products.
  • automobile, truck, or RV cabin

Well, after numerous requests to help my clients sift through the hype-science and get something pressing done at the same time, I started offering my personal service to get small (sometimes large) home improvement projects done. In this capacity, chores are completed that need to be addressed while also discussing issues of concern. It goes without saying that any tasks addressed are done so while using the most environmentally friendly products. The only stipulation that I have when assisting my clients in this way is that I prefer them to be available during the visit because at the end of the day my goal is to deliver knowledge that will ultimately change your life. 

So if you're looking to get something done around your home or office and you'd like to work with someone that could also offer some insights on making your overall environment support you in reaching your health vision (or maybe even help you better define that vision) give me a call here .