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The simple truth on la-natural

Nothing is better for your body than natures original design.

The body is a complex puzzle and the universe (regardless of your thoughts on how it all came to be) has given us the best of the best to continually complete and compliment this complex system we call our body. Current science refers to this as DNA. And even the most inexperienced scientist will tell you that even a slight alteration in the DNA of an organism will result in some form of unexpected results.

From fats, to proteins to sugars. Nature has given us all the necessary puzzle pieces. These perfectly designed organisms will do what needs to be done upon entrance to your body. Use them as nature has delivered them and your body will return the most incredible results you could ever imagine.

Remember - what enters your body attempts to complete your puzzle. If the pieces fits perfectly your in the grove, if they don't the results could be anywhere from undesirable to catastrophic.

Ciao for now!

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