Proper Rest - easier than you think, more important than you can imagine

I'd like to point out some very simple but much misunderstood concepts around rest.

Signs of not enough:
You don't have to wait for the dark circles or worse getting sick. The simple rule is - If you're waking up to an alarm clock or hitting the Jo for that early morning (or late in the day) pick-me-up then you're simply not getting enough rest. Address it at this level and the rest comes easy.

How do you know when to hit the sack?
When you start to yawn! Yes, it's that easy.

How to do it right?
Simple again.

  • Go to bed when you start to yawn.
  • Don't consume any stimulants (coffee or alcohol) after 3pm.
  • If you're watching something on TV when you start yawning hit the record button and save it for later.

The goal being, to hit the sack early enough so you're waking up about 15 to 30 minutes before you would normally set your alarm. The additional 15 to 30 minutes are because most people usually don't get up early enough to have a relaxing morning.

What if it's midday?
Well, this is a bit more difficult, but your body will love you for it. Take a nap in the middle of the day. The best time for this is usually about 30 minutes after lunch, and you need only siesta for about 15 minutes. You'll wake up when you're ready but it really doesn't take much. I find people that claim they need more time to snooze are those that fight the urge to nod off or if you're sick or starting to get sick. But if you just put your head down and let nature take its course, when you start yawning, you'll be out in short order and back up before you know it. I've done this since my collage days and I still do it today. It is a huge productivity booster!

What about healing?
Especially for healing! Healing takes energy and a lot of it. That's why we sleep so much when we get a cold or flu, or if we fall and cause trauma - and, if we don't sleep (like when we drag our sorry buns into work ill) we don't get well quickly. In fact, sometimes we don't get well at all and get worse forcing us down for the count. Your immune system, like any other piece of the body puzzle, needs a good source of fuel, a good state of mind, and as much rest as it requires at that given time. (Secret! - that good state of mind, or lack there of, is often directly tied to your current level of rest.)

So, when you're feeling tired, take a siesta. To heck with the world and all its problems; they'll all be there when you wake up, and none of them will seem as insurmountable as before you noded off.

Now go take a nap and wake up with a smileLaughing