Ear aches / itchy ears - away!

White vinegar and alcohol - 50/50 - three drops in each ear. That's all I do!

I hate it when you read those natural healing guides and they force you through pages of text before they tell you (if they tell) what the remedy is!

My story - I've battled ear infections numerous times each year until a took a ocean water dive class where the instructor told me of a simple solution they use in the US Navy for divers. What is it? - Mix in a small dropper bottle 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol. When you complete a dive (or feel any itching in your ears) put 3 drops of this mixture in each ear by - tipping your head to the side, placing three drops in the ear, pulling gently on the top and bottom of your ear lobe and then tip to the other side to drip out the excess.

What's the science here? First, your ear wax is naturally acidic. Second, the alcohol dries the dampness (leaving an unfriendly space for bacterial growth). Lastly, the vinegar aids your ear wax in killing off the current bacteria responsible for the itching or swelling.

When ever I feel some itching in my ears I do this twice a day for three days. I have not had one ear infection in 26 years.

Be well - it's fun!

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