Designer fats?

Yes, this is not new news, but it's not very well known.

Your body requires fat for almost all bodily functions. Your brain relies on fat heavily, your blood clotting ability relies on fat, your skin elasticity relies on fat, etc, etc, etc....

Yet - we are constantly told to eat less fat or, worse, replace our natural fat with new designer fats. From Crisco to Olestra to Canola oil. The first two fats I personally consider poison and the third simply is not as healthy as a natural oil.

Crisco - known by many as hydrogenated vegetable oil or "Pure Vegetable Shorting"- is now, after many years and billions of dollars spent convincing the American public of it's virtues, considered a poison by cardiologists around the globe. This is a fat which your body simply can not fully metabolize. In fact, once cleansed from your diet the next time you accidentally consume a product containing it you will quickly notice the greasy indigestible film it leaves in your mouth. BUT, it is cheap to manufacture and products made with it have a much extended shelf life - unlike the people consuming them.

Olestra - Well, this is a completely indigestible fat. It offers your body nothing - nothing at all - expect it's negative attributes - such as diarrhea, vomiting and inhibiting vitamin absorption. So, if you are really trying to be healthy, why eat something that will strip your body of much needed nutrients?

Canola oil - Ok - I get flack on this one every time I bring it up. But, here's my logic. The food industry spent billions convincing us that Vegetable Shorting was healthy and where are we today on this? Vegatable Shorting is cheap, but at the expense of your physical and mental health. Now, Canola oil is the latest "cheap fat". Why, Canola oil comes from an altered version of the rapeseed plant. It's easy to grow because the plant is resistant to pests - which should make you wonder right there. It's origins are from the original rapeseed plant which produces oil that is poisonous for human consumption. But, scientist insist they have successfully removed these toxins through careful breeding. So, back to my logic. Given the history of Hydrogenated Fat and Olestra I'm waiting 20 or maybe 30 years for the rest of the public to test this. What I do know is that Canola oil, unlike olive oil or peanut oil hardens when left to get old. While other oils spoil, I've never seen them harden. So, for the time being, I'm simply choosing not to not consume this product.

So, the short of it - Since good fats have helped me (and allowed me to help others) feel great, look great, be strong, and think sharp I actually go out of my way to consume additional amounts of these while shunning fats that my body has no use for.

So - here's my list:

My do's - Virgin Olive oil / Peanut oil / butter / coconut oil

My (very close to) never's - Anything hydrogenated, rapeseed oil, canola oil, corn oil, or in general, fats not on "My do's" list.

Remember - your body is a puzzle and no one knows that puzzle better than nature.

Important note: Natural fat is extremely important to the development of a child's brain. Under no circumstances did any of my children's diet include even semi moderate portions of unnatural fat, and we never limited their intake of natural fat. Mothers breast-feeding, this is especially important for you to keep in mind as you consume (maybe even under-consume) natural fat as you feed your baby's brain.

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