Fats - friend or foe?

When I was young adult I traveled through Italy and noticed that the women (and men) more than twice my age looked as young as I did? This was very intriguing to me so being a big believer in "you are what you eat" I decided to learn more about their little secret. What I learned was quite astonishing.

They eat everything and fear nothing - Meats, whole cheeses, whole milk, pastries and they don't fear the sun - you name it. BUT, the most youthful consumed zero unnatural fat. They literally consumed at least 1/8 of cup of olive oil each day. No margarines, no shortening, no new fats. It was either butter, whole dairy, olive oil or peanut oil. That's it!

From that point on I increased (yes - increased) the amount of oil I consumed under the following three rules.

1) No hydrogenated fat.
2) Fear not the "natural fat (butter & coconut included) that will melt to a liquid in my hand.
3) No new oils.

Ok, so what's a new oil? I'll expand on that in my next posting.

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